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Expert Financial Team.
Ethically Creative.

Bringing cashflow & resource management services to operations geniuses and their entrepreneurial companies.




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Financial services at the speed of your business.

Steward & Company brings cash flow & resource management services to operations geniuses through a multifaceted approach, that’s ethically-creative, and puts the fellowship of an expert financial team within reach.


What We Offer

Highly customized cash flow & resource management services that are unavailable anywhere else and only delivered through our expert financial fellowship.

Business Advisory

Our experienced CFO & Controller team members will set you off in the right direction by hearing your business challenges and learning your specific market context, before helping you to prepare for an audit with a powerful plan in place.

Process Engineering

Standard operating procedures are critical to success, so we help you start from scratch or build on your existing controls and processes. As we help you delegate your newly created procedures to staff, we often discovered that new opportunities to increase performance emerge, rocketing you to the next level.

Back-office Accounting

Using a combination of experienced finance professionals & technology, we seamlessly integrate as your accounting team, helping you reach your business goals. Giving you the flexibility and resources that are unavailable anywhere else.

Stewardship Journey

With the heart of a Steward, we make your lifestyle or operational dreams possible by contextualizing your challenges without judgment, creating a controlled environment for your investments and helping you navigate the grey areas of your Stewardship Journey.

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A Fellowship of 
and investors

For entrepreneurs and investors who want someone to handle their heavy lifting between board meetings, feel a growing disconnect between their services & pricing, or need a solution to family business dynamics.

Stability, Uptime & Security

Lower Turnover

Money Savings

Steward & Company Gets What You’re Going Through

We understand the Stewardship Journey and the painful moments that might come along with building your dream or vision of the future, so we enter the up’s & downs with you, providing a connection that’s unavailable anywhere else.

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Our Story
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Our Story

​​We exist to help you steward what’s been given to you.

Our mission is to ​help business leaders effectively steward the companies & people they love to serve.

From helping you develop or implement your big-picture vision, mission and goals, to collecting and organizing your team’s data in a way that facilitates wise decision-making. 


We're here to help you leverage your business for maximum impact.

Benjamin Paulding

Founder & Visionary

Benjamin embodies the heart of a steward in every way as he leads the culture at Steward & Company.


Whether you need a quick response to match the speed of your business, a resolution to your operational challenges, or just someone to affirm the good in your life, he gets what you’re going through and will make time for fellowship.

He's a CPA and Certified Financial Planner, holding a degree in Business Administration and a Master's Certificate in Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning, which he earned through the David M. King Merit Scholarship.

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Book Your Appointment Now

Do you need someone to handle your heavy lifting between board meetings? 

Do you feel a growing disconnect between your services & pricing?

Do you need a solution to family business dynamics?

What Our Clients Say

"The responsiveness and attention to detail with the Steward & Company team is like no other! I am so grateful we found such a positive, capable company to help us with our team's financial management needs!"

Kathryn Wiley

Chief Operating Officer
Adventure Homes

"Steward & Company engineered for us a creative solution to a unique and decades-old business structuring issue that other professionals were unable to solve. Their team did it with candor, empathy, and professionalism."

Jonathan Bohannon
President & CEO
Preferred Technologies Group

"The Internal Controls Assessment provided by STEWARD & COMPANY was exactly what we needed to help our Accounting and Operations team grow healthfully as we scale rapidly."

Brian Geisel

CEO & Owner

Geisel Software

 "One of the key factors that sets Steward & Company apart is their exceptional team, particularly Ben Paulding, a man of faith and remarkable trustworthiness. Ben's ability to communicate complex financial concepts in a clear and accessible manner has been invaluable in helping me make informed decisions for my business."

Levi Venner


Dakota Seafood



From our office in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we enable operations geniuses all over the United States to refocus their life and feel protected through strategic revenue optimization.

201 Main St, Suite 207

Rapid City, SD 57701


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