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Why Specializing Too Soon Is A Mistake For CPAs

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Why Specializing Too Soon Is A Mistake for CPAs

Don’t Send Another Resume Until You Read This!

If you’re hunting for your first accounting gig, don't just look at salary. Be smart. Pick the firms that let you explore different specializations.

Ever been stuck watching a movie you didn't like, but felt compelled to finish? Well, starting in a specialization too soon is just like that.

You’re locked in until the credits roll.

Today’s fast-changing business landscape requires you to be SUPER adaptable and impressively versatile.

So, why limit your career to one track?

More experience, makes you more resilient, and that’s gold.

But here’s the good news…

Choosing a firm that exposes you to multiple specializations will set you up for MASSIVE opportunities in the future.

Here’s Your Reality Check

You might think aiming for big-name firms or sticking to one specialty will fast-track your career.

The reality is, multi-specialization is where it's at.

You want a career - NOT just a job. So, being versatile in accounting is just as vital as having a diversified investment portfolio.

Becoming an expert in one area is great, but what if you could be skilled in several?

I mean like…duh.

Here’s How To Do It.

1) Deep Research

See if the firm you’re looking at offers a variety of practice areas.

Dig through their LinkedIn profiles and check their alumni resumes.

You’re searching for signs that they grow talent in-house.

2) Ask Targeted Questions

During your interviews, go beyond the expected back-and-forth.

Ask about opportunities to shift between departments or specialties.

Ask how often the junior staff get to change departments.

Ask if the firm helps in building cross-discipline skills.

3) Intern Like A Boss

Go for the internships that expose you to as many areas of accounting as possible.

In the field, you’ll be amazed at all the mini skill-sets you’ll pick up along the way.

Especially the soft skills!

You know, like, having CONVERSATIONS… not being weird... or unbearably awkward… 🫵

4) Be Open To Learning

Focus on building skills that play-well across different specializations, like financial statement interpretation.

Maximize every internal training session and make yourself more marketable. The more you know, the more valuable you become.

5) Build A Network

The most valuable insights come from people who’ve walked the path ahead of you.

Forums or webinars are cool, but you need to get out there and talk to people in the industry.

Attend in-person events, sales training seminars or anything that lets you rub elbows with folks who have a higher status than you.

Your First Real Job Isn’t A Lifetime Sentence.

Remember, it’s only the first chapter of a long & rewarding story.

If this post got you thinking differently, or sparked some “out-of-the-box” ideas for your job hunt, I’d love to hear about it.

For more unconventional advice, follow me here 👉 Let’s grow

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