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The Power Of Culture In Your Accounting Career And 5 Tips To Avoid Work-Life Hell.

The Power of Culture In Your Accounting Career and 5 Tips To Avoid Work-Life Hell

If you’re on the fast track to becoming a CPA, avoid long-term mismatches with your future workplace by considering the vibe & values of their culture.

Not focusing on a firm’s culture is like buying a house without an inspection.

Big mistake!

Think about it. You'll be spending MOST of your waking hours at work, so joining a team that’s a bad fit means you're asking for a daily grind that'll have you questioning your career choices.

Believe me, I’ve been there!

Don't Just Send Resumes, Look For Signals.


Forget looking at their polished website or LinkedIn page. Instead, go for old newsletters, articles or interviews. They're a goldmine of what really matters to the company and a time machine of their culture.


Who cares about dressed-up corporate statements? Find out what current & former employees have to say about the firm.

Look at their resumes to see what they’re presenting. Read what they’re talking about on social media or forums like Reddit. You'll be surprised how candid people can be when hiding behind a cartoon avatar.


As a Christian, don’t settle for a firm that only gives lip service to their faith. Be bold! Ask pointed questions & investigate if the company lives its Christian values day in, day out. Otherwise, it's just window-dressing.


Look for opportunities to get a feel for the place by sliding into a company event. These are the people you’ll be working with, so watch them closely. Catch them at a job fair, a networking event or anywhere they might be interacting with the team. See if the “mask slips”…


Offer to take on a short-term project for free. It's a great way to know if you and the firm are a good match, without any strings attached. Plus, you’ll see if they treat you like a person, or a number-crunching robot.

Firm Culture Isn't Some Optional Add-On, It's The Very Core Of Your Work Life.

Imagine working in a high-pressure firm where you're just another cog in the machine - VERSUS, the fellowship of an expert financial team, where being ethically creative is part of the daily routine.

Which sounds more fulfilling?

When the culture fits, the benefits aren't just cool perks. They're fuel for your creative fire.

Are you trying to leave YOUR mark on the accounting world?

Well, its your move now…

If you’re nodding your head - then share this post.

Help someone like you escape the soul-sucking pitfall of a bad job culture.

And, if you want more unfiltered advice and financial wisdom, catch me right here 👉

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