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The Crimes We Commit Against Our Own Productivity

The Crimes We Commit Against Our Own Productivity

If you’re trying to become more productive, use “selective attention” & “confirmation bias” to your advantage instead of being a victim of them.

Your brain has its own game plan, that’s why if you don’t take charge, you’ll keep pouring in the effort and not seeing results.

As your personal biases steer you towards negative beliefs and patterns, you can unknowingly fuel a cycle of nonperformance - the never-ending loop where bad habits run the show and your output takes a nosedive.

But wait, there's hope!

I’ll show you how to break that loop & get ahead.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your focus or beliefs shape your outcomes?

That's where the damaging duo of selective attention and confirmation bias come into play.

These sneaky brain glitches influence your decisions, actions, and of course, your results.

You might not realize it, but they’re definitely throwing wrenches in your productivity.

Selective attention? It's like a filter on your vision, making you see only what matches your narrow view of the world.

And confirmation bias? Oh boy, it's a master manipulator that gaslights you into thinking your actions fit the story you cooked up in your head. Or even worse… the narrative you’ve been given.

Seriously, think about it.

All day you're caught up in operational chaos, searching for a lifeline between board meetings, or desperately looking for a shot of affirmation to fuel your stewardship journey.

So, you end up putting in the effort, yet somehow the results aren't adding up.

Why? Because your brain's got its own agenda, and it's time YOU took control.

Here’s how these gremlins show up in your day-to-day life:

  • Discouraging self-talk & seeing everything as proof of personal failures.

  • Avoiding challenges or new experiences because of a pumped-up sense of risk.

  • Resisting or flat out ignoring any evidence that your ideas might be wrong.

  • Reinterpreting information or criticism so it fits perfectly with your current beliefs.

  • Downplaying small successes as just luck.

Together, these build YOUR circle of nonperformance.

But Guess what?

What if you could use those brain quirks for good?

Imagine if you could train your selective attention to find hidden solutions in the chaos & opportunities that others normally miss.

Picture using confirmation bias as your own personal hype-man to crank up your successes & tone down the mistakes while gaining a momentum that's impossible to ignore!

Start by intentionally questioning the story you're telling yourself. Interrogate ideas. Ditch any unchallenged assumptions. Trade them for a go-giver mindset that thrives on growth and savage adaptation.

It looks like this:

  • Positive self-talk & encouragement to drive progress.

  • Welcoming challenges & experiences as a way to foster new growth.

  • Look at conflicting information as stepping stones to success, and your shortcut to insights that refine your thinking.

  • Objectively take in feedback, consider the points & make adjustments.

  • Celebrate the small wins & give credit to the ones who made it happen.

Reshaping these mental misfires rewires your brain for success. My friend - and the best part? It's all in your control.

It’s time to get off the merry-go-round of nonperformance and smash that cycle to bits.

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