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Steal This Trick – The 7 Secrets Of Pivot Tables.

Master the power of pivot tables & unleash these little-known tricks for getting meaningful insights into your businesses data!

1/7 Breaking Down The Tricky Parts Of Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are the Swiss Army knife of data analysis & are crammed with amazing features.

Now, I know it might seem tough at first, but it’s all about breaking things down into simple & essential parts.

2/7 Choosing Your Data Source: A Precision Task

Your data source is crucial. Whether you pick a basic data range or link to external databases, either way, accuracy is key.

Any slip-up here could lead to misleading or flat-out broken results, so lets get it right from the start.

3/7 Arranging The Playing Field

Think of your pivot table as a strategy game. Where each field (row, column, value, filter) placement is crucial.

Recognizing their relationships or effects on the overall table is key to understanding your data & finding valuable insights.

4/7 Aggregate Your Values, Win The Game

Pivot tables are great at crunching numbers so you don’t have to. Features like; count, sum, average, max or you name it.

So, picking the right sum method for each field is like choosing the best tools for a winning strategy.

5/7 Dialing in on Data: Filters & Slicers

Think of filters as a way to zoom-in on specific data sets. You’ll need to get comfortable applying filters, creating custom ones, or using slicers for interactive filtering.

These tools will help you see your full data picture.

6/7 Peeling The Data Onion: Grouping & Hierarchies

Reveal levels of detail within hierarchical structures by grouping your data. Sort by using criteria like date brackets or category variables. Getting good with this feature will turn your data chaos into neat & nuanced layers.

7/7 Power-Boost With Calculated Fields

Calculated fields are the bonus round. They let you perform custom calculations based on existing data to handle complex equations & crack even the toughest problems. Getting the hang of these will supercharge your pivot table game.

Are you ready to get a better picture of your data?

Swing by where our fellowship of top-tier fractional controllers are ready to help you harness the full power of pivot tables and crush your financial goals.

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