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How To Turn Your Monitoring Process Into Your Business's Secret Weapon For Growth.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

How to Turn Your Internal Control Monitoring Process Into Your Business's Secret Weapon of Growth

When you're running a startup, knowing how to weaponize your monitoring process can be your golden ticket. Seriously, this isn't just housekeeping, it's your no-BS guide to scaling like a pro.

Imagine having a Spider-sense for your business that lets you KNOW what’s next, instead of guessing. Turning your time & effort into a machine that makes money while you sleep.

It’s a no-brainer…

Because, running a startup isn’t a marathon OR a sprint. It’s a freakin’ Ironman competition with an ultra marathon rolled into one!

Which means, you’re gonna need more than just a simple to-do list. You need a powerful asset!

THE GAME PLAN: Lean Monitoring, Pivot-Ready Checks & Customer Feedback Loops.

Lean Monitoring

You've got to swim with the numbers - not drown in data. I’m talking about the game-changers like your customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR). If you don't know what those are - Google it. You’ll thank me later.

Now, no one's got time for clutter when there’s an empire to build!

So pipe all that data into a streamlined dashboard and review it with your team weekly.

The game is fast. This will make sure you’re faster.

Pivot-Ready Checks

The startup landscape is too dynamic for a "set it & forget it” approach. You’ve gotta be ready to pivot, almost BEFORE you need to.

You’ll want to set up specific trigger points in your data, that when hit, tell you it's time to make a move. Use those weekly check-ins to stop, look - then go full throttle or pivot.

Also, don’t forget that customer approval IS your reality check. Always compare your data to what the market is craving, and if it's not hitting - be ready to change, not whine.

Customer Feedback Loops

You want to win? Listen to your customers.

They’re more than just dollar signs (or headaches), they're your best critics & fans.

With this in mind, put into action real-time feedback systems to transform their wants & pain-points into your next big feature or improvement.

This is how you build products that people go crazy for.

Use pop-up surveys, direct interviews, testimonials - WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Use their raw emotion to directly influence what you develop next by keeping an ongoing list of what your users want. Turn it into actionable steps, then make it happen.

No wishy-washy stuff, just do it.

Your Secret Business Asset

Think of your monitoring process like a silent business partner that never sleeps. They're out there collecting data, keeping tabs & seeing trends before you even need to ask!

When done right, it’s the stuff that attracts investors, raises company valuations and removes any bottlenecks to shocking growth in your startup's future.

If this flipped a switch, then tag a startup who needs to read it.

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