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How To Get 12 Hours Out Of An 8 Hour Day

Give me 60 seconds & I'll give you a cheat code for creating effortless SOPs.

Imagine a world where your business runs seamlessly. Where everything is built on optimized processes that maximize efficiency, reduce errors, and empower your team!

Well, by leveraging the power of Chat-GPT, you can create SOPs just like this and the effort required is surprisingly low.

Normally, the work needed to make comprehensive SOPs can be daunting. Because if they’re not done right, it could lead to alarming inefficiencies and missed opportunities for you, and your team. So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Effective SOPs With Chat-GPT

Step 1: Prepare For Success

Gather any crucial information about your business processes, identify your sticking points and areas for improvement.

Step 2: Open Up Chat-GPT (Could also use Google Bard, or any other AI software.)

Build your “Prompt” by directing Chat-GPT to make an SOP for a specific task. You can even include the industry or field you’re in to better fit your scenario.

Example Prompts: “Create a process SOP related to reconciling bank accounts monthly.” “Generate a standardized new-hire onboarding process for a CPA firm.” “Make an inventory management SOP for a small upscale diner.”

Step 3: Interact & Refine

Engage in a conversation with Chat-GPT to fine tune and tailor its output. Try asking follow-up questions for clarity, detail changes or length.

Example Prompts:

Let's get this SOP down to bullet point format and about 90% shorter in detail.”

“Make it a document of no more than 700 words.

“Rewrite for a reader with little or no basic knowledge on the topic.

Step 4: Incorporate Expert Knowledge

Ask Chat-GPT to flesh out your SOP using the data you put together in step one. This is when you’ll want to incorporate any industry specific shop-talk or jargon.

Step 5: Test & Iterate

Field-test your new SOP in a controlled area of your business. This way nothing can blow up or cause any unneeded headaches. From there, get feedback from your team and make adjustments as it gets battle tested in the day-to-day chaos of your business.

Use this tech to get a real competitive advantage over your competition, and shore-up any weak spots in your entrepreneurial journey.

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