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Have You Ever Appeared in a Client's Dream? Here's My Story

I once onboarded a client who was losing sleep over his business finances, stressed to the MAX, the whole deal. So, as usual, I get them on this rock-solid plan to master their financial chaos. We're not just catching up; we're leapfrogging obstacles like they're not even there.

After some time on this financial healing and stewardship journey with us, they pull me aside; "Hey, let me tell you something”.

They’d been having nightmares.

The really ugly kind where you wake up and you're not even sure what's real anymore.

Picture this: it would happen randomly, in the middle of the night.

Waking up trapped, inside their dream, checking their banking app, and seeing — “How could this be?”.

Every account at zero! GONE!?

Frantically reloading the app, they check and recheck, still nothing!

Full-on panic sets in once they realize: “I can't cover payroll, I can't cover anything”. Their heart thundering so loud in their ears that it crowded-out any other thoughts…

Like missing that last step in a dark room, they fell into a void of anxiety.

But then -- snap!

They wake up. Still rattled, in a cold sweat, and then it hits them. "Hold on a minute, I've got Steward & Company looking out for me and my cash.”

Literally, the next thing they heard was the sound of their own voice, saying aloud - “We’re going to be ok…

Just like that, the pressure on their chest was gone, so they said it two more times.

We’re going to be ok…

We’re going to be ok…

So, check it out. I get that I technically wasn’t IN the dream, but I was the first thought the moment they woke up, and what stopped the nightmares from happening again.

That's real impact. That's what we do.

We're not just number-crunchers, we turn financial nightmares into sweet dreams, and you better believe that counts for something.

What about you? Ever been a literal dream-come-true for a client? Let's connect and swap stories. 👉

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