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Discover More About Your Clients In 5 Minutes, Than 5 Years Of Therapy Sessions.

Are you running into walls trying to understand what motivates or drives your clients?

Well, let's get one thing straight from the start - it's not your fault. Even super-smart bosses and market experts find it tough too. In fact, Harvard Business Review and Forbes tell us all the time how tricky it can be to get to know our clients in a fast-changing world.

Most people rely on a dry, order-taker relationship because it seems easier than trying to build a genuine connection. That is, until your client sees you as a replaceable commodity…

I’ve been there before. So, here’s what I do with my clients.

I found there’s a certain level of honesty needed to get ahead of the basic transactional partnership. Which usually means gently stepping on some toes. Putting it nicely.

Challenge Their Assumptions By Asking Emotionally Heavy Questions.

Now, this approach might feel hostile for you - but, that’s only in your head. Your clients will see this as deeply engaging conversation, especially once they feel how you’re feeding their larger mental & spiritual needs.

So, when I’m looking to build this type of relationship, I just skip past the awkwardness and start asking tough questions that’ll get me closer to the best solutions for my client.

Emotionally Heavy Questions:

  • What if your efforts fall short or don’t make it? What happens to your legacy?

  • How will you find new success after everything you’ve accomplished?

  • How would you undo your business from the inside out, or outside in?

  • What’s your true purpose or reason for moving forward?

  • What roadblocks in your life have you helped to build?

  • What role has God played in your success?

  • Have you ever been betrayed in business?

  • How do you hold your team accountable?

  • Is your current success on the decline?

Can you see how these questions don't just skim the surface? They address deep-seated desires, goals & fears.

They go BEYOND what your client wants in the “now”. Instead, these questions help contextualize your client's situation to reveal their bedrock experience in business, - and as a person.

Conversations like these allow you the space, or the grace to show that you truly care about something more than just cash flow & resource management. It’s about building a solid fellowship & really getting to grips with what your client’s all about.

That’s how I like to build fellowship at Steward & Company.

So, are you ready to change the way you talk with YOUR clients?

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