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3 Signs Your Company Culture Is About To Effect Your Finances.

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Still trying to fix your broken company culture? Steer clear of these 3 signs to avoid financial failure.

Now, I’ve always said company culture is HUGE, but it isn’t about feel-good vibes, yoga-ball chairs or happy hour. It’s the backbone of your financial game and if you get it wrong, you’re losing money - guaranteed.

That’s why teams that are tight, with an all-in, cohesive culture, get better results and cash flowing in the right direction.

1) Ridiculous Turnover:

If you got more exits than a movie theater in your business, that’s a red flag. All that hiring & training isn’t cheap. More than dollars though, you're losing TIME. Every time someone walks, that's energy, momentum and time, down the drain.

Believe me, people notice…

2) Pricing vs. Offering Disconnect:

Are your offerings singing a different tune than your price tags? That's a culture rift. Align the crew's mindset with your company's goals, from values to vision and watch that gap disappear.

3) Auto-Pilot Employees:

When your team is just clocking hours, making mistakes, and dragging their feet, then output tanks. Light a fire under them with a dose of inspiration to turn those bystanders into MVPs.

Or, if they’re unresponsive to coaching sessions and just not giving their best, fire them! Because, if they can’t be motivated, they definitely won’t have a change of heart and become a top player any time soon.

Seeing any of this in your world?

Hey, thanks for sticking around. If any of this clicked, share the heck out of it or tag someone who needs a wake-up call.

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